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2012 GOP Debate

The GOP Debate

Michelle Bachmann ~ Bachman readily attacked all of the questions aimed at her, defending her beliefs on a wide variety of issues. She voiced her opinion on Obamacare, green thinking, energy reform… Bachmann is able to connect multiple issues to each other, and create a solution by fixing multiple fronts. She was particularly smart when discussing when the United States should become militarily involved internationally. The only questions are in her ability to implement her thoughts.

Ron Paul ~ A great many words reflected little government, state rights, and private sector initiative. Very right-wing and straight, many issues were faced with blunt conservatism. He would make a great candidate, except for how he is not the most eloquent speaker. Were he able to speak on a variety of issues and describe their importance in detail, he would still have a hard time facing liberal youth.

Rick Perry ~ He did a great job representing his position on the military, and his state’s growth levels were represented. Many great points were made on moral standings, and on general economic planning for the nation. However, his conservatism was called into question with executive orders and obligatory vaccination programs. I have also analyzed his wanting to change the Constitution, and his decisions are not at all in the conservative mindset. I still need to research his background – but he is not the person we believe him to be.

Mitt Romney ~ Romney did a great job of bashing president Obama, and of praising his state of Massachusetts. I am unsure of Romneycare, and still need to research the Hillarycare program mentioned tonight… He is a great speaker, but I am wary of him as being a political player. His state does not have the most exemplary record, and yet he flaunts it. I am overall not sold on Romney’s character, and cannot choose him over others with much clearer views.

Jon Huntsman ~ I did not enjoy his talking points. Huntsman spoke in a very rehearsed manner, and he was the few to diplomatically recognize his fellow candidates in a politically-correct manner. As a diplomat to China, he may have a past of appeasing Chinese interests and not advocating for American interests as much as he could have. Huntsman also was questioned on his attacking his fellow candidates, and answered in a political tangent that is typical in Washington these days.

Newt Gingrich ~ He spoke very few times. Yet every statement was greeted with the audience applause. Gingrich’s statements reflected great intellect, and his past experiences lent him great credibility. He was one of the few candidates to speak of the Republican aim to bring America back on track, as opposed to being enemies with each other.

Herman Cain ~Cain had the ability to relate the successful solutions of foreign countries to our own issues – but I am still unsure of his ability to attend to foreign relations and diplomacy. His 999 plan sounds quick, easy and an effective way to lower taxes as well as shrink government. I need to look into his past and position on issues, but I do not believe that he will go far when comparing him to other candidates.

Rick Santorum ~ Santorum was not a major speaker, and he did not have the passions that others had. He will surely fade in the election as he did in the debate tonight.


Many candidates did a great job of speaking, while others did a great job with stating their perspectives. There are only a few candidates who are good at both, and they will have to face a liberal youth and the American media. I wish the best of luck to the great conservatives who are representing the Republican party, and Americans who want a brighter future.


Rick Perry and Constitution Changes?

To view the article with quotes from Rick Perry, click here.

Rick Perry has experience from being the governor of Texas, allowing for great economic expansion in the midst of recession. With his running in the presidential election of 2012, his views are being renewed and manipulated as he campaigns to a wide range of groups. I see him as a right-wing person who may finally place the government back in conservative hands… but does the news of his altering Constitutional amendments change my perspective? Here are the seven ways Perry is thinking of altering in the Constitution.

1. Abolish lifetime tenure for federal judges by amending Article III, Section I of the Constitution.

This is a conservative choice. The controversy over the choosing Chief Justice Sonia Sotomayor brought this issue to light, as her views of being prejudiced and making liberal court decisions angered many people. This is a harder issue, for it depends upon the time period situation and the president who chooses the federal judges. Many court decisions including Roe v. Wade, Brown v. Board of Education, and Miranda v. Arizona would not have come out as they did because of the values the court justices held.

The point of the Supreme Court is to have people free from the prejudices and influences that other branches are afflicted by. Were we to abolish lifetime appointment and change it to a shorter, regular interval, justices would be influenced to side with the president or select factions that keep them in their position. Without lifetime appointment, the law would not be blind.

2. Congress should have the power to override Supreme Court decisions with a two-thirds vote.

This would also influence the supreme justices for the worse, as they would have to reach compromise with yet another party. Not only would Congress continue to be sidetracked, but they would waste time upon arguing a Supreme Court case among themselves and further distorting it.

3. Scrap the federal income tax by repealing the Sixteenth Amendment.

I personally hate taxes. Congress’s spending of taxpayer money is not helping this issue. I support the scraping of the federal income tax, as it is not directed towards any one state or area that may need support more so than any other group. Federal income tax is also the highest of taxes in the United States.

4. End the direct election of senators by repealing the Seventeenth Amendment.

I am not sure whether or not this is conservative. If the people directly vote for their senators, then they may be influenced by campaigning efforts and the media. Although this gives Americans direct representation, it allows for conflicting values to develop between the elected senator and lower representatives.  I do support this course of action, as it will make Americans and their lower representatives to both be accountable for their votes and allow for unified action among government officials.

5. Require the federal government to balance its budget every year.

This is the most reasonable course of action, and it is the most likely to be passed. A balanced budget is supposed to have less spending, and greater GDP than interest rates and debt increases. This has gained the most momentum due to the current administration’s spending craze and push to increase the debt ceiling.

6. The federal Constitution should define marriage as between one man and one woman in all 50 states.

I see this as violating the pursuit of happiness. The government should have no right to violate the love two people have for each other, regardless of either’s gender. I do not want to see two men or two women making out in public, but they do have the right to a domestic partnership and a happy relationship.

7. Abortion should be made illegal throughout the country.

It is unfortunate to see young children and teenagers going through such troubled times, and not having the resources or knowledge to care for a child. However, we should not abandon an option that allows a person such freedom from a past of violence. We can resolve this issue with better education and accessibility to centers that may care for victims. There needs to be more openness on the issue of sex and crime, and this will lead to greater knowledge in the event of such an issue. Technology might allow for earlier warning of pregnancy, and stem cell research may not be as slandered. I should personally hope that people would find ways to make having a child worth it, but I respect a person’s need to care for themselves and their situation.


Overall, I do not support Rick Perry’s support of changing the Constitution. It is mainly through the exploration of morals, values and purpose that guide such a conclusion. If you do not know your position on issues, than find out where you stand on the political spectrum and go from there. Hopefully, by doing so, you may reach your own conclusions on issues like this.

The Iowa Straw Polls

The Iowa Straw polls have Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota and Rick Perry of Texas in the lead… they will both remain contenders in the election as it continues.