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Why We Would Not have Survived with Obamacare

Cancer Survivor Herman Cain: ‘I Would Be Dead’ on Obamacare | Video |

Above is a link to the video of Herman Cain giving his account of the road to cancer recovery. He is one of the few who can relate to survival. Here is my own personal story on healthcare, and my fight.

I was born in September of 1993. I was born able to breath, but I only weighed 2 pounds 2 grams, and was 15 inches long. From my birth onward, my health declined. The doctors proceeded to inject nutrients and medications into my system at only 3 weeks old… I could guess that there were a variety of minerals, vitamins, vaccinations, and other substances that they flooded my young body with in vain. I would lose even more weight, heading a bit below two pounds.

The doctors could not find out what was wrong with me. They waited until I was over two months old to give me a scan, for fear of weakening my body even further. They found that my intestines had holes in them. I do not recall how long following that, that they operated. They cut out the sections of my intestines that had holes in them, and from there hoped.

Part of why I was able to survive during and after the surgery was because of my environment. The hospital was very crowded and unsanitary, with people able to visit the general rooms where the groups of babies were being treated. I was in the very corner of that room, away from the movements of people and air.  That, along with the constant actions of my parents, helped me.

With Obamacare, doctors are required to care for a select number of patients on a restricted budget to that office. The doctors would have to reduce patient care as ordered by the government, and they would not have access to technologies necessary to patient survival by means of fiscal restriction. With the government in charge, doctors would not have the patience or the resources necessary to treat an ailing child like myself.

18 years later, I am still disturbed with what could have been. Many others do as well. I should hope that the next president for 2012-2016 would privatize healthcare and have competition between hospitals and clinics for even greater services and care for their patients.

PS – here is the main signature of my birth story. I have many more reminders throughout my body…….


Obamacare Declared Unconstitutional and Void

While everyone is being distracted by Dem. Anthony Weiner’s scandal, a most important case challenging the constitutionality and ethics of Obamacare under the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. This series of court cases is declaring Obamacare officially unconstitutional and void, due to both its mandating insurance and its hold over the medical field. For further details in the court case, click here.