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Unites States Diplomacy Fails… Again.

Our tactful leaders have again failed to act well among company….. Obama’s traveling to pubs is complete lunacy when looking at the worst tornado season in decades. Our interruption of the English national anthem, and Michelle Obama ignoring customs and, equivalently, raping the queen is not acceptable. And our being imbeciles will not end! Let us pray that common sense shall come to dictate the government’s limits and actions…



Obama Still Approving Legislation – Even from OVERSEAS

Not only is Obama continuing to sign legislation, including the Patriot Act which will allow for government to interfere further with public life… and he is not even physically signing the document himself. Through the use of an AutoPen, first invented by Thomas Jefferson, he has signed it via an electronic signature. This has set a precedent, as no president has dared try to do what Obama does on a whim. Obama needs to stop signing legislation that does not benefit the American people!