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Obama’s Second Term, United States Will Go as California Has – Permanent Decline

My family has been in California for nearly a century – and we are preparing to move by next year. California has seen a great rise in this period, with its growth in the World Wars exploding as it became a gateway to and from the United States. It became an industrial giant, the world’s port, the center of international entertainment, an agricultural heaven…… now it is has the highest taxation in the United States under New York, the center of over-regulation of businesses, a haven for Illegal aliens and Democrat voting blocks, and the target of deficit-inducing legislation.

This article below, found by a friend of mine, further discusses California’s downfall – and how a second term under Obama (which shall hopefully not come) will lead to a downfall of greater proportions than that of California.

RealClearPolitics – A Second Term for Obama Would Make the United States Go as California Has Gone.


White House Forces Ford Commercial Off-Air

The White House pressured Ford to take this advertisement off the air because it was not politically correct, and does not help Obama’s re-election… maybe because it mention’s America’s greatness, industry, and success.

Don’t let Obama continue to bully America! LIKE, Comment and Share the conservative message: the American people should be able to speak out against their president, and his policies!

Check out the ad Ford pulled at the link below.

Obama American Jobs Bill Fail

Every other sentence he is saying is “Pass this bill.”, “I urge Congress to pass this bill RIGHT NOW.””You should pass it right away.” and so on…. this is like Pelosi saying “You have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

He is pushing for shovel-ready jobs – mainly low-level construction jobs that do not help businesses. School construction will not help our economy; my school recently had the technology-boosting construction that did NOTHING for us.

He is threatening the middle-class with tax increases, should the American jobs bill not pass.

He said in the beginning that businesses will be offered a tax break, and he then say that big businesses should pay their ‘fair share’.

And WHAT THE HELL is he saying with his “It will already be paid for.” By TAXPAYER MONEY.

He wants to reform the Medicare system yet AGAIN.

How do you reduce the deficit by introducing yet another HUGE program to the Democrats?

The audience is clapping during a quote “45 minutes of no applause”.

He is advocating internationalism with now-government-owned business.

OK, I’m just going to stop here because I am hearing so much hot air.


Obama has officially disgraced himself from conservatives, Tea Partiers, Americans… even the Democrats that are giving him the ‘are-you-stupid’ looks from the audience.

Debt Ceiling Issue

The first question to ask is: what is the debt ceiling? It is a limit on our spending and budget, the figure resting upon our foreign debts and currency values. At this moment we are approaching, or at, our debt ceiling of 14 TRILLION DOLLARS. We are on no track to stop spending, create a viable budget that is pro-business and common sense, or cut random programs of the government. The United States faces inflation of the dollar, and so the dollar’s value will be less and prices will rise. We are currently not at the best financial state.

Here are the repercussions of raising the debt ceiling – the current government officials will be able to continue running us into debt, and we will be farther from cutting back as there is less incentive. We will have more to owe towards foreign nations, and we will immerse ourselves further in foreign entanglement.


Here are a couple visuals for you……


Like the last cartoon, our currency value will continue to depreciate into nothing as we continue to devalue it through obscene measures. Stop the rise of the debt ceiling.

Obamacare Declared Unconstitutional and Void

While everyone is being distracted by Dem. Anthony Weiner’s scandal, a most important case challenging the constitutionality and ethics of Obamacare under the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. This series of court cases is declaring Obamacare officially unconstitutional and void, due to both its mandating insurance and its hold over the medical field. For further details in the court case, click here.

Support American Business

As government looms even larger over America, our middle class is being crushed with regulation and taxation. Many small-business owners do not have the money or time to devote towards appeasing the government, nor the resources to head off unions. We need less regulation now, as the times have led many to hopelessness and poverty.

This is my own small business here, if you are interested: CampingMaxx.Com

Stop Deficit Spending

Our country is facing an insurmountable debt that cannot be resolved…… we need to halt spending NOW before it gets worse. This is NOT helped by healthcare spending, amnesty spending and temporary job spending. Vote the liberals out, and get conservative people to make conservative choices for our fiscal future!

Government: What is its Job?

Government functions to serve as a defender of the country from foreign threats and invaders, along with economic and pandemic troubles. Government also serves to regulate the flow of taxpayer money to needed infastructure like transportation, education and energy. Finally, government needs to work out diplomatic relationships and contacts with other countries. All of these factors depend on each other to support a strong economy, and the government should seek to do the job of working all of these factors into positive outcomes.

The size of the government also influences how it works. The Declaration of Independence was written as a statement of our independence from England, and it was followed up by the Bill of Rights. Government was originally very small, which is why they had to give it more rights; yet it reflected America at the time, small and ready to grow. As America developed and technology influenced its growth, the government grew larger to accomodate these new functions as America grew to be the largest economy in the world. Currently, the government is at large and has become a titan as it continues to explode. We have many ‘departments’ and sectors that could be much more efficiently run by the private sector, and many of these departments are simply a drain of taxpayer money. With the coming of a new election in November 2010, we need to find people who are responsible and knowledgable enough to shrink government back to its former size.