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Gene Simmons of KISS Speaks Up on Obama

Hear what Gene Simmons has to say about Obama’s policy with Israel, and his general attitudes about Obama’s administration! From the King of Thunder Himself!


President Barack Hussein Obama II Astrology Chart

A look into part of the Astrology behind Barack Hussein Obama II……


Obama’s Part of Commerce

Obama’s Part of Commerce is 00LEO11′ and in the 12th house. It is opposed his Grand – Conjunction in the 6th house, representing point of demise (Saturn) and point of expansion (Jupiter). These lines of algebraic compilation are a part of a schemata attributed to bored Arabs who pushed astrological knowledge by ingenuity and by curiosity. To calculate the point of commerce, there are a few ways. One way is to place the Sun on the ascendant and there where the Mercury lies will be the degree and sign of the part of commerce.

The first thing we note is that it is in the twelfth house, and at a 150 degree position from its home sign of Virgo. So there is tension already in the way Obama seeks to understand commerce. Next, being the karmic sign and sanguine – in the 12th house, this is part of Obama’s lesson in life. There are no harmonic aspects to Mercury in Obama’s chart, there is however three strong negative alignments to his Mercury. First is Mercury as the part of commerce is opposed to Jupiter in the sixth house. This tells us that the native tends to gloss over contracts and legal documents. The native also ignores details that does not fit his preconceived economic ideology. This negative tension ‘can’ create economic disasters as a result. Since Jupiter is the strongest of the two opposing planets, the other being Saturn, it is the strongest. Jupiter in a natives chart as a part of Expansion ( so general that the sign and degrees must be applied) amplifies the negative part of Mercury because of the opposition.

The next position we look at is the part of Saturn, or part of demise. Mercury is also opposing this planet from the twelfth and Saturn lay in the sixth house. Thus, this part of commerce aspects which is negative again pertains to individuals who are suspicious of how commerce works. This tends toward rash actions, because Mercury is in Leo a fire – sign. This aspect to Saturn also breeds a cunning (liar) as part of the symbolism of the snake ( oil-salesman) in the garden of Eden. Thus these native tend to sell a family a-bill-of-goods. These types of commerce aspects show up in the traveling swindler. Finally, this aspect to Saturn from the part of commerce makes a native a partisan and owns a narrow mind.

The influences of the 12/6 axis and the part of commerce pertains to services, social issues, including slaves, bondage, incarceration, corporations who use economic slave – labor, and medical, health, and nutrition issues. Saturn as the cusp indicates a certain amount of ‘hidden’ injuries as a general concept that are difficult to diagnose.

Both Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde in the horoscope of Obama. Many expert astrologers who say the world implications and momentum of an African heading up the U.S.A. did not want to analyze the horoscope for Obama – thus they may lose customers who idolize his otherwise messiah-complex.

When Obama’s Sun rose over Mombassa, where he was born, Algol culminated with his Moon. This made Algol the Part of Fortune for Obama. The passion Algol gives-out is anti-herocial and therefore the passion to bring mediocrity is expressed as a powerful emotion to the native.

Obama has a supergrand – trine to his Algolian Moon and M.C. using the ancient system of Helical rising charts, known to be used in the ancient times, as well as some of the medieval times, because birth times were not usually known of leaders who did not broadcast them – nor were their archives or newspapers to access these informations. Algol prominent in Obama’s chart assures him he will have a portion of the population that will live-and-die breathing his causes and agendas.

Obama’s natal square to his part of commerce indicates complete or frustrated ignorance to how economies work. A decent lesson would be to return to school and read some diverse historians, such as a great Chinese historian, where one will find they commented that when the bureaucracy became to large, it became entangled and the economy suffered so the leaders, or new leaders gave back to the individuals their rights to own their own businesses and make decisions for themselves. This spurred on the economy until it recovered where the Chinese like clockwork, again bureaucratized the economy until it again at some future point in time stagnated. When the Democratic Party overwhelmingly defeated the republicans in both the house and the Senate and passed bills to pay-off banks, their special interest groups, their constituents, like the unions, the U.S.A. Economy began to falter because of this Chinese lesson of entanglement and bureaucratizing.

via Book of Life Barack Hussein Obama II  Horoscope   Astrology Chart  Part 2.

For those proficient in Western Astrology, Here is Obama’s Astrological Chart.

“A Time for Choosing” Ronald Reagan Speech Applicable TODAY

This week, October 27th, marks the anniversary of actor Ronald Reagan’s televised remarks on behalf of presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. Scholars know it today simply by the name “The Speech” because it was at this moment that Reagan was seen nationally as much more than an actor. In many ways, every day of Ronald Reagan’s life had led up to this moment.

To see Ronald Reagan’s Speech:
“A Time for Choosing” Ronald Reagan Speech Applicable TODAY.

Occupy Atlanta Expresses Juvenille Behavior and Brainwashing

This video demonstrates the ‘sheep’ concept – in which every individual acts as every other person acts, and no one thinks for themselves. Not only is there an inability to communicate a message effectively (they repeat every few words, without processing them), but none have even acknowledged the speaker at their event – it was simple banter between one another. I would suggest you just watch two minutes of this, you’ll get the idea……..

Mr. President! A Great Song about Obama

Very clever!

White House Forces Ford Commercial Off-Air

The White House pressured Ford to take this advertisement off the air because it was not politically correct, and does not help Obama’s re-election… maybe because it mention’s America’s greatness, industry, and success.

Don’t let Obama continue to bully America! LIKE, Comment and Share the conservative message: the American people should be able to speak out against their president, and his policies!

Check out the ad Ford pulled at the link below.

A List of the Top Universities in the World

Best Universities in the World

Rank Name of University Country
1 Harvard University USA
2 University of Oxford UK
3 University of Cambridge UK
4 Stanford University USA
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
6 University of California, Berkeley USA
7 California Institute of Technology USA
8 Princeton University USA
9 Yale University USA
10 University of Chicago USA
11 Columbia University USA
12 University of California, San Diego USA
13 Cornell University USA
14 University of California, Los Angeles USA
15 University Pennsylvania USA
16 University of Wisconsin, Madison USA
17 University of Washington, Seattle USA
18 Tokyo University Japan
19 University of California, San Francisco USA
20 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA
21 Kyoto University Japan
22 Imperial College London UK
23 Johns Hopkins University USA
24 University of Toronto Canada
25 University College London UK
26 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign USA
27 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich Switzerland
28 Washington University, St. Louis USA
29 New York University USA
30 Duke University USA
31 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities USA
32 Northwestern University USA
33 Rockefeller University USA
34 University of Colorado, Boulder USA
35 University of California, Santa Barbara USA
36 University of British Columbia Canada
37 University of Maryland, College Park USA
38 Utrecht University Netherlands
39 University of Texas, Austin USA
40 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center USA
41 Pennsylvania State University, University Park USA
42 University of California, Davis USA
43 Vanderbilt University USA
44 University of California, Irvine USA
45 University of Paris 06 France
46 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh USA
47 University of Southern California USA
48 Rutgers State University, New Brunswick USA
49 University of Manchester UK
50 Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden
51 University of Munich Germany
52 Technical University of Munich Germany
53 University of Florida USA
54 University of Edinburgh UK
55 Australian National University Australia
56 Carnegie Mellon University USA
57 University of Copenhagen Denmark
58 University of Zurich Switzerland
59 Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel
60 Osaka University Japan
61 McGill University Canada
62 University of Bristol UK
63 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill USA
64 Uppsala University Sweden
65 Ohio State University, Columbus USA
66 University of Paris 11 France
67 University of Sheffield UK
68 University of Heidelberg Germany
69 University of Oslo Norway
70 Case Western Reserve University USA
71 Moscow State University Russia
72 University of Leiden Netherlands
73 Purdue University, West Lafayette USA
74 University of Helsinki Finland
75 University of Rochester USA
76 University of Melbourne Australia
77 Tohoku University Japan
78 University of Nottingham UK
79 University of Arizona USA
80 Michigan State University USA
81 King’s College London UK
82 Boston University USA
83 University of Basel Switzerland
84 Stockholm University Sweden
85 Brown University USA
86 University of Goettingen Germany
87 Rice University USA
88 Texas A&M University, College Station USA
89 Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
90 University of Birmingham UK
91 University of Utah USA
92 University of Freiburg Germany
93 McMaster University Canada
94 Nagoya University Japan
95 University of Iowa USA
96 University of Strasbourg 1 France
97 Ecole Normale Super Paris France
98 Indiana University, Bloomington USA
99 Arizona State University Tempe USA
100 University of Rome La Sapienza Italy

Patriotism and a Lack of It on 9/11

This day, 10 years ago, America lived through one of the darkest days in modern history. 4 passenger jets crashed by the force of terrorism. The twin world trade centers were each hit with planes, a third into the Pentagon. A fourth plane never reached its destination, it was brought down by the brave souls on flight 93 that made the ultimate sacrifice. Almost 3,000 innocent people were killed that day, along with the first responders to the attacks as firemen, police, and paramedics…… there is much people may do to commemorate those who died, risked their lives, and continue to do so overseas today.

I have personally done my part, giving my respects and rewatching the events of 9/11. I barely remember that day, only in second grade and not affected by the realities of the world. I am now beginning to truly understand the implications of the attack, and of that day. I share the grief and the hopes of many victims, and support those who also commemorate 9/11.

I cannot say the same for others. One of my….. acquaintances, posted this on Facebook:
“3,000 people killed in two towers, and a nation reacts with a never ending war. 300,000+ Middle Eastern civilians killed so far in the War on Terrorism, and no one says a word. Guantanamo is still open, and the government’s listening to your telephone. We can’t even take nail clippers on an airplane. What everyone else has forgotten or ignores, I will not forget. 9/11 was a tragedy, but don’t forget the rest of the picture, or the terrorists really do win.”

I am no longer acquaintances with him. He truly could not care less about current events, he is liberal… during the elections for California governor, he told me he was for Fiorina and Brown and he could not state why he was for these opposites. He not only does not think for himself, but he cannot form a coherent argument. He has the ability to insult many people with his lack of concern.

In other parts of the world, for example the Islamic European continent, a militant religion has overruled the English government and burnt the American flag during a declared moment of silence. This has caused the spineless government to stop civilians from honoring those who died on 9/11, and stop them from placing wreaths, and having ceremonies. It is disgraceful for a government to stoop to those who threatened freedom, and who continue to do so in that said government’s country. But that is for a different day….


It was my birthday yesterday! My senior year of high school is beginning tomorrow – I will be researching current education reforms, teachings, and spending, and will post soon. Here are a couple of my past posts on Education, and other very informative posts.
A rant post on the general nature of the education system:

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On Indoctrination of Youth:

Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

This three-part series played last night and will hopefully be playing throughout the next few weeks… it brings to light how Americans have worked for building our future while remembering the past. The series goes over the construction of the buildings themselves, recounts many peoples’ personal connection to Ground Zero, and emphasizes the messages and drive behind the buildings’ renewal. PLEASE be sure to watch it sometime soon.