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How Should our Government Deal with the Debt?

An excellent video by Dr. Stephen Davies and LearnLiberty.


Obama’s New Christmas Tree Tax?!!!!!!

Ok, it isn’t a tax… apparently, it is a 15-cent ‘fee’ which goes to the Secretary of Agriculture’s ‘Board’ of the Department of Agriculture to help improve the marketing for Christmas Trees……

a) Why is the President intervening in a Christian holiday, trying to promote it when he favors Muslims and minorities?

b) If everyone is screaming for lower taxes, or in Occupiers’ minds corporate taxes, why is he taxing something that everyone loves and that lower-class workers sell?

c) If our government is taxing our Christmas trees/Hanukkah Bushes/Ramadan Shrubs, where will they be going next?!?!

Send this information out to as many people as you can, and show how ridiculous our President’s policies are becoming!


Senate Must Stop Obama Internet Takeover

Senate Must Stop Obama Internet Takeover | Fox News.

The Internet is the greatest organ of freedom the world has ever known. Even countries in revolution around the world have utilized it to share the inside scenes of government horrors. Now Obama is threatening to restrict such freedoms with a “kill switch”.

Not only is the whole “government can turn off the internet” a problem. The very fact that the United States government will have a hold on the internet will lead to regulation, and eventual politicization, of the internet. Regulations like those placed on Amazon.Com and other e-commerce hubs will seem normal when compared to content regulation and enforcement. In this process, the government will require constant monitoring programs to search the entire internet – including YOUR internet – for content that may or may not be against such regulation. From this step comes tyranny and the oppression of free speech.

Were the United States to go against a regime that supports internet control, such as the Obama presidency, they might specifically go after conservative, right-wing, or common sense organizations. The everyday American could have their blog, website or web business taken from them as specific messages are quelled. My blog could be shut down, and my content not seen by anyone – all because of a current event that was seen from a common sense view. News organizations like the Fox News website above might be shut down.

We must stop ANYONE from restricting the first amendment. It is specifically made to stop a large, controlling government (that may actually follow the Founding Fathers) from regulating or interfering with free speech. Spread the news to everyone, or you might not see online conservatism again….

2012 GOP Debate

The GOP Debate

Michelle Bachmann ~ Bachman readily attacked all of the questions aimed at her, defending her beliefs on a wide variety of issues. She voiced her opinion on Obamacare, green thinking, energy reform… Bachmann is able to connect multiple issues to each other, and create a solution by fixing multiple fronts. She was particularly smart when discussing when the United States should become militarily involved internationally. The only questions are in her ability to implement her thoughts.

Ron Paul ~ A great many words reflected little government, state rights, and private sector initiative. Very right-wing and straight, many issues were faced with blunt conservatism. He would make a great candidate, except for how he is not the most eloquent speaker. Were he able to speak on a variety of issues and describe their importance in detail, he would still have a hard time facing liberal youth.

Rick Perry ~ He did a great job representing his position on the military, and his state’s growth levels were represented. Many great points were made on moral standings, and on general economic planning for the nation. However, his conservatism was called into question with executive orders and obligatory vaccination programs. I have also analyzed his wanting to change the Constitution, and his decisions are not at all in the conservative mindset. I still need to research his background – but he is not the person we believe him to be.

Mitt Romney ~ Romney did a great job of bashing president Obama, and of praising his state of Massachusetts. I am unsure of Romneycare, and still need to research the Hillarycare program mentioned tonight… He is a great speaker, but I am wary of him as being a political player. His state does not have the most exemplary record, and yet he flaunts it. I am overall not sold on Romney’s character, and cannot choose him over others with much clearer views.

Jon Huntsman ~ I did not enjoy his talking points. Huntsman spoke in a very rehearsed manner, and he was the few to diplomatically recognize his fellow candidates in a politically-correct manner. As a diplomat to China, he may have a past of appeasing Chinese interests and not advocating for American interests as much as he could have. Huntsman also was questioned on his attacking his fellow candidates, and answered in a political tangent that is typical in Washington these days.

Newt Gingrich ~ He spoke very few times. Yet every statement was greeted with the audience applause. Gingrich’s statements reflected great intellect, and his past experiences lent him great credibility. He was one of the few candidates to speak of the Republican aim to bring America back on track, as opposed to being enemies with each other.

Herman Cain ~Cain had the ability to relate the successful solutions of foreign countries to our own issues – but I am still unsure of his ability to attend to foreign relations and diplomacy. His 999 plan sounds quick, easy and an effective way to lower taxes as well as shrink government. I need to look into his past and position on issues, but I do not believe that he will go far when comparing him to other candidates.

Rick Santorum ~ Santorum was not a major speaker, and he did not have the passions that others had. He will surely fade in the election as he did in the debate tonight.


Many candidates did a great job of speaking, while others did a great job with stating their perspectives. There are only a few candidates who are good at both, and they will have to face a liberal youth and the American media. I wish the best of luck to the great conservatives who are representing the Republican party, and Americans who want a brighter future.

Top 3 Myths of Capitalism

Is being pro-business and pro-capitalism the same? Does capitalism generate an unfair distribution of income? Was capitalism responsible for the most recent financial crisis? Dr. Jeffrey Miron at Harvard answers these questions by exposing three common myths of capitalism.

Dr. Miron has done a great job, especially at describing the main factor of competition that defines capitalism. Many people’s misconceptions about capitalism are ties up in the financial systems that have become heavily intertwined with the government, when in fact they should look at everyday grocery chains, wholesale stores, and companies that vie for consumer business through lower pricing. If you wish to ask any questions, simply comment.

The Tea Party

To read an absolutely idiotic post ripping on the Tea Party, read this.

Many Tea Party members are simple people who want to be properly represented by our government. They come from a wide group of middle class, caring about what policies and legislation is doing to the economy and country. They are military families, farming families, shopkeeping families, industrious families… and they all care about what happens in the future.

The article above states that the Tea Party is less popular than people like Obama, Sarah Palin, and belief groups like Muslims and atheists. REALLY?! They ARE Americans who are speaking loudly and clearly, bringing the people who speak for them – Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Michelle Bachmann – ALL of them onto the president’s Most Hated list. They make these people popular, they make controversial issues known to the public, they ARE the backbone of these issues. So don’t say that Tea Partiers are lower in qualification than people like Obama… They use facts and real-time trends to refute such bull.

One last thing – the study was simply about religious groups and important people and the such…. they just randomly decided to throw in the Tea Party at the last minute. That is one of the worst things about it.

Industry Leaders have Left America

I went up to Salt Lake City’s Outdoor Retailer last week, and met with many major brands. As we discussed pricing and product quality with companies like Eureka, Katadyn Water Filtration, Coleman, Primus…. The list goes on and on. ALL OF THEM are manufacturing out of China, with only distributing centers and warehouses in the United States. None of them forge the metals, weave the textiles, create chemical innovations that would otherwise create jobs in America.

Taxation in the United States, and higher costs for worker pay have led to industries moving out of the country. We no longer produce raw materials, and our government is in the process of shutting down domestic success. Oil production has been restricted tremendously since the Gulf oil spill, and oil container ships have left the waters offshore for foreign entities. Our natural gas industry is being quieted by environmentalists and politicians, who instead push for greener energy through GE EcoMagination and car innovation (which is also pressured through government policy and regulation). Steel industry has gone down, with little creation and more recycling.

Less industries based in our country mean fewer scientists who will work with such companies to produce innovation. Scientists will move out of our own country into others with real-world applications and needs. Knowledge, jobs, and economic growth are hindered by all of the preceding information.

When we get Obama out of office and a Democrat-led Congress from leading us, we will hopefully find the sense to vote for economically knowledgeable people who will entice job creators back to the United States.

Obamacare Declared Unconstitutional and Void

While everyone is being distracted by Dem. Anthony Weiner’s scandal, a most important case challenging the constitutionality and ethics of Obamacare under the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. This series of court cases is declaring Obamacare officially unconstitutional and void, due to both its mandating insurance and its hold over the medical field. For further details in the court case, click here.

Obama Still Approving Legislation – Even from OVERSEAS

Not only is Obama continuing to sign legislation, including the Patriot Act which will allow for government to interfere further with public life… and he is not even physically signing the document himself. Through the use of an AutoPen, first invented by Thomas Jefferson, he has signed it via an electronic signature. This has set a precedent, as no president has dared try to do what Obama does on a whim. Obama needs to stop signing legislation that does not benefit the American people!

American Oil – “Drill, Baby, Drill!”

The American oil industry is imperative to our independence economically and diplomatically. It is not a thing of the past; we are still one of the highest consumers in the world. We have come to depend upon foreign entities and monopolies like OPEC pressure us with rising prices. Middle Eastern revolution and disruption has led to stock market issues, as investors watch their risky investments overseas.

The oil rigs we have in our country have given thousands of people jobs, and have aided us in importing less. We invest in our own country, and all money is maintained in the American economy. We need more drilling more than ever, as coastal economies collapse and oil prices rise to challenge an unstable economy. MAKE AMERICAN OIL A PRIORITY.