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100th Day of BP Oil Crisis

Today, 100 days ago, the cap to an oil well suddenly broke in the Gulf of Mexico. This oil pipe spilled the equivalent of an Exxon Valdez oil spill every FIVE DAYS. Everyone is pointing fingers all over the place, without facts. Let’s find them……

Washing up on the southern coasts of the United States, the oil caused great damage to rural and major economies. Many of these areas depend on fishing and the water, many as a way of life. Not only can oil-laden waters not be traversed, but no fishing can be done. Fisherman do not have jobs, and so money is not flowing as it normally does. Even after this oil is cleaned up, people will make a fuss over the toxins that the fish might have. Thus these economies are going to stay down for a while.

BP – British Petroleum, the company whose pipeline burst. They pump thousands of gallons out of the wells they own, make much money which they re-circulate into the economy, and hire thousands of people who will receive this money. Currently, BP is taking the responsibility for the spill and is heading clean-up efforts along the coast. I see commercials for it all of the time, I have seen clips of BP cleanups all over. This is while they are handling thousands of claims and lawsuits for the oil spill and the damage it has inflicted. They will be paying off these people, and re-shape their company after they are done with this.

The government seems to be telling everyone that ‘they are doing everything they can do’ and that they are taking control of this problem. The only evidence I have seen involving the oil spill is a photo-shoot with Obama on his knee next to a ball of tar on the beach. Other than this, I hear stories of how the government is forcing BP to pay all varieties of taxes, fines, dues… you name it, to get all the money they can get from BP. Plus, they are going to tax Americans for BP’s cleanup efforts even though it is a private company, and we are probably going to see a bailout of this company. I do not see the government as facilitating cleanup efforts.

Of course, I believe in private enterprise, fewer taxes and less government involvement… will others agree with me?