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White House Forces Ford Commercial Off-Air

The White House pressured Ford to take this advertisement off the air because it was not politically correct, and does not help Obama’s re-election… maybe because it mention’s America’s greatness, industry, and success.

Don’t let Obama continue to bully America! LIKE, Comment and Share the conservative message: the American people should be able to speak out against their president, and his policies!

Check out the ad Ford pulled at the link below.


Senate Must Stop Obama Internet Takeover

Senate Must Stop Obama Internet Takeover | Fox News.

The Internet is the greatest organ of freedom the world has ever known. Even countries in revolution around the world have utilized it to share the inside scenes of government horrors. Now Obama is threatening to restrict such freedoms with a “kill switch”.

Not only is the whole “government can turn off the internet” a problem. The very fact that the United States government will have a hold on the internet will lead to regulation, and eventual politicization, of the internet. Regulations like those placed on Amazon.Com and other e-commerce hubs will seem normal when compared to content regulation and enforcement. In this process, the government will require constant monitoring programs to search the entire internet – including YOUR internet – for content that may or may not be against such regulation. From this step comes tyranny and the oppression of free speech.

Were the United States to go against a regime that supports internet control, such as the Obama presidency, they might specifically go after conservative, right-wing, or common sense organizations. The everyday American could have their blog, website or web business taken from them as specific messages are quelled. My blog could be shut down, and my content not seen by anyone – all because of a current event that was seen from a common sense view. News organizations like the Fox News website above might be shut down.

We must stop ANYONE from restricting the first amendment. It is specifically made to stop a large, controlling government (that may actually follow the Founding Fathers) from regulating or interfering with free speech. Spread the news to everyone, or you might not see online conservatism again….

New Twin Tower Collapse Model Could Squash 9/11 Conspiracies – Yahoo! News

I really hate 9/11 Conspiracy theorists…… they cannot explain everything, and yet they continually hack at facts that cannot be proven, disproven, or are just nonexistent.

In any case, this article below gives new insight on the mechanisms behind the Twin Towers’ collapse. Very interesting.

New Twin Tower Collapse Model Could Squash 9/11 Conspiracies – Yahoo! News.

Why We Would Not have Survived with Obamacare

Cancer Survivor Herman Cain: ‘I Would Be Dead’ on Obamacare | Video |

Above is a link to the video of Herman Cain giving his account of the road to cancer recovery. He is one of the few who can relate to survival. Here is my own personal story on healthcare, and my fight.

I was born in September of 1993. I was born able to breath, but I only weighed 2 pounds 2 grams, and was 15 inches long. From my birth onward, my health declined. The doctors proceeded to inject nutrients and medications into my system at only 3 weeks old… I could guess that there were a variety of minerals, vitamins, vaccinations, and other substances that they flooded my young body with in vain. I would lose even more weight, heading a bit below two pounds.

The doctors could not find out what was wrong with me. They waited until I was over two months old to give me a scan, for fear of weakening my body even further. They found that my intestines had holes in them. I do not recall how long following that, that they operated. They cut out the sections of my intestines that had holes in them, and from there hoped.

Part of why I was able to survive during and after the surgery was because of my environment. The hospital was very crowded and unsanitary, with people able to visit the general rooms where the groups of babies were being treated. I was in the very corner of that room, away from the movements of people and air.  That, along with the constant actions of my parents, helped me.

With Obamacare, doctors are required to care for a select number of patients on a restricted budget to that office. The doctors would have to reduce patient care as ordered by the government, and they would not have access to technologies necessary to patient survival by means of fiscal restriction. With the government in charge, doctors would not have the patience or the resources necessary to treat an ailing child like myself.

18 years later, I am still disturbed with what could have been. Many others do as well. I should hope that the next president for 2012-2016 would privatize healthcare and have competition between hospitals and clinics for even greater services and care for their patients.

PS – here is the main signature of my birth story. I have many more reminders throughout my body…….


The American Jobs Bill Text has finally come out! $450 billion taxpayer dollars, and 155 Pages of who knows what… don’t think that Congress wanted to read it, and that they might just “Pass it right away”, or “Right now”. READ IT

A List of the Top Universities in the World

Best Universities in the World

Rank Name of University Country
1 Harvard University USA
2 University of Oxford UK
3 University of Cambridge UK
4 Stanford University USA
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
6 University of California, Berkeley USA
7 California Institute of Technology USA
8 Princeton University USA
9 Yale University USA
10 University of Chicago USA
11 Columbia University USA
12 University of California, San Diego USA
13 Cornell University USA
14 University of California, Los Angeles USA
15 University Pennsylvania USA
16 University of Wisconsin, Madison USA
17 University of Washington, Seattle USA
18 Tokyo University Japan
19 University of California, San Francisco USA
20 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA
21 Kyoto University Japan
22 Imperial College London UK
23 Johns Hopkins University USA
24 University of Toronto Canada
25 University College London UK
26 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign USA
27 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich Switzerland
28 Washington University, St. Louis USA
29 New York University USA
30 Duke University USA
31 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities USA
32 Northwestern University USA
33 Rockefeller University USA
34 University of Colorado, Boulder USA
35 University of California, Santa Barbara USA
36 University of British Columbia Canada
37 University of Maryland, College Park USA
38 Utrecht University Netherlands
39 University of Texas, Austin USA
40 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center USA
41 Pennsylvania State University, University Park USA
42 University of California, Davis USA
43 Vanderbilt University USA
44 University of California, Irvine USA
45 University of Paris 06 France
46 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh USA
47 University of Southern California USA
48 Rutgers State University, New Brunswick USA
49 University of Manchester UK
50 Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden
51 University of Munich Germany
52 Technical University of Munich Germany
53 University of Florida USA
54 University of Edinburgh UK
55 Australian National University Australia
56 Carnegie Mellon University USA
57 University of Copenhagen Denmark
58 University of Zurich Switzerland
59 Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel
60 Osaka University Japan
61 McGill University Canada
62 University of Bristol UK
63 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill USA
64 Uppsala University Sweden
65 Ohio State University, Columbus USA
66 University of Paris 11 France
67 University of Sheffield UK
68 University of Heidelberg Germany
69 University of Oslo Norway
70 Case Western Reserve University USA
71 Moscow State University Russia
72 University of Leiden Netherlands
73 Purdue University, West Lafayette USA
74 University of Helsinki Finland
75 University of Rochester USA
76 University of Melbourne Australia
77 Tohoku University Japan
78 University of Nottingham UK
79 University of Arizona USA
80 Michigan State University USA
81 King’s College London UK
82 Boston University USA
83 University of Basel Switzerland
84 Stockholm University Sweden
85 Brown University USA
86 University of Goettingen Germany
87 Rice University USA
88 Texas A&M University, College Station USA
89 Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
90 University of Birmingham UK
91 University of Utah USA
92 University of Freiburg Germany
93 McMaster University Canada
94 Nagoya University Japan
95 University of Iowa USA
96 University of Strasbourg 1 France
97 Ecole Normale Super Paris France
98 Indiana University, Bloomington USA
99 Arizona State University Tempe USA
100 University of Rome La Sapienza Italy

Patriotism and a Lack of It on 9/11

This day, 10 years ago, America lived through one of the darkest days in modern history. 4 passenger jets crashed by the force of terrorism. The twin world trade centers were each hit with planes, a third into the Pentagon. A fourth plane never reached its destination, it was brought down by the brave souls on flight 93 that made the ultimate sacrifice. Almost 3,000 innocent people were killed that day, along with the first responders to the attacks as firemen, police, and paramedics…… there is much people may do to commemorate those who died, risked their lives, and continue to do so overseas today.

I have personally done my part, giving my respects and rewatching the events of 9/11. I barely remember that day, only in second grade and not affected by the realities of the world. I am now beginning to truly understand the implications of the attack, and of that day. I share the grief and the hopes of many victims, and support those who also commemorate 9/11.

I cannot say the same for others. One of my….. acquaintances, posted this on Facebook:
“3,000 people killed in two towers, and a nation reacts with a never ending war. 300,000+ Middle Eastern civilians killed so far in the War on Terrorism, and no one says a word. Guantanamo is still open, and the government’s listening to your telephone. We can’t even take nail clippers on an airplane. What everyone else has forgotten or ignores, I will not forget. 9/11 was a tragedy, but don’t forget the rest of the picture, or the terrorists really do win.”

I am no longer acquaintances with him. He truly could not care less about current events, he is liberal… during the elections for California governor, he told me he was for Fiorina and Brown and he could not state why he was for these opposites. He not only does not think for himself, but he cannot form a coherent argument. He has the ability to insult many people with his lack of concern.

In other parts of the world, for example the Islamic European continent, a militant religion has overruled the English government and burnt the American flag during a declared moment of silence. This has caused the spineless government to stop civilians from honoring those who died on 9/11, and stop them from placing wreaths, and having ceremonies. It is disgraceful for a government to stoop to those who threatened freedom, and who continue to do so in that said government’s country. But that is for a different day….

Obama American Jobs Bill Fail

Every other sentence he is saying is “Pass this bill.”, “I urge Congress to pass this bill RIGHT NOW.””You should pass it right away.” and so on…. this is like Pelosi saying “You have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

He is pushing for shovel-ready jobs – mainly low-level construction jobs that do not help businesses. School construction will not help our economy; my school recently had the technology-boosting construction that did NOTHING for us.

He is threatening the middle-class with tax increases, should the American jobs bill not pass.

He said in the beginning that businesses will be offered a tax break, and he then say that big businesses should pay their ‘fair share’.

And WHAT THE HELL is he saying with his “It will already be paid for.” By TAXPAYER MONEY.

He wants to reform the Medicare system yet AGAIN.

How do you reduce the deficit by introducing yet another HUGE program to the Democrats?

The audience is clapping during a quote “45 minutes of no applause”.

He is advocating internationalism with now-government-owned business.

OK, I’m just going to stop here because I am hearing so much hot air.


Obama has officially disgraced himself from conservatives, Tea Partiers, Americans… even the Democrats that are giving him the ‘are-you-stupid’ looks from the audience.

Play the Obama Blame Game Tonight!

Tonight Obama is speaking on his jobs plan…… yet again! Not only will you be able to watch his hair turning gray with every word, but you can also listen in on his scapegoats! Print this out, fill it in, and please feel free to sound off below!


2012 GOP Debate

The GOP Debate

Michelle Bachmann ~ Bachman readily attacked all of the questions aimed at her, defending her beliefs on a wide variety of issues. She voiced her opinion on Obamacare, green thinking, energy reform… Bachmann is able to connect multiple issues to each other, and create a solution by fixing multiple fronts. She was particularly smart when discussing when the United States should become militarily involved internationally. The only questions are in her ability to implement her thoughts.

Ron Paul ~ A great many words reflected little government, state rights, and private sector initiative. Very right-wing and straight, many issues were faced with blunt conservatism. He would make a great candidate, except for how he is not the most eloquent speaker. Were he able to speak on a variety of issues and describe their importance in detail, he would still have a hard time facing liberal youth.

Rick Perry ~ He did a great job representing his position on the military, and his state’s growth levels were represented. Many great points were made on moral standings, and on general economic planning for the nation. However, his conservatism was called into question with executive orders and obligatory vaccination programs. I have also analyzed his wanting to change the Constitution, and his decisions are not at all in the conservative mindset. I still need to research his background – but he is not the person we believe him to be.

Mitt Romney ~ Romney did a great job of bashing president Obama, and of praising his state of Massachusetts. I am unsure of Romneycare, and still need to research the Hillarycare program mentioned tonight… He is a great speaker, but I am wary of him as being a political player. His state does not have the most exemplary record, and yet he flaunts it. I am overall not sold on Romney’s character, and cannot choose him over others with much clearer views.

Jon Huntsman ~ I did not enjoy his talking points. Huntsman spoke in a very rehearsed manner, and he was the few to diplomatically recognize his fellow candidates in a politically-correct manner. As a diplomat to China, he may have a past of appeasing Chinese interests and not advocating for American interests as much as he could have. Huntsman also was questioned on his attacking his fellow candidates, and answered in a political tangent that is typical in Washington these days.

Newt Gingrich ~ He spoke very few times. Yet every statement was greeted with the audience applause. Gingrich’s statements reflected great intellect, and his past experiences lent him great credibility. He was one of the few candidates to speak of the Republican aim to bring America back on track, as opposed to being enemies with each other.

Herman Cain ~Cain had the ability to relate the successful solutions of foreign countries to our own issues – but I am still unsure of his ability to attend to foreign relations and diplomacy. His 999 plan sounds quick, easy and an effective way to lower taxes as well as shrink government. I need to look into his past and position on issues, but I do not believe that he will go far when comparing him to other candidates.

Rick Santorum ~ Santorum was not a major speaker, and he did not have the passions that others had. He will surely fade in the election as he did in the debate tonight.


Many candidates did a great job of speaking, while others did a great job with stating their perspectives. There are only a few candidates who are good at both, and they will have to face a liberal youth and the American media. I wish the best of luck to the great conservatives who are representing the Republican party, and Americans who want a brighter future.