A Fragile Success

Many news sources are indicating that our success overseas could have gone horribly awry, and that it could have gone wrong at many times. The account of the story tells many facts that many already know, including how we kept the foreign government in the dark and how we spontaneously attacked. It is truly surprising, the extent to which our forces improvised… imagine if we had failed.

There are still the questions of whether the Middle Eastern governments will respect our intrusion following this affair. The debate over future terrorist attacks, the implications of Osama bin Laden’s ‘martyrdom’ and the progress to be made in our own country will be explored in the coming years. The information that we have analyzed over the years on Obama bin Laden’s activities and whereabouts will most likely be kept a secret, to protect the public from worrying over the terrorists’ extent of destruction. But let’s not worry about that…… let’s just worry about politics and our own domestic affairs.


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