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Arguing from a Point of View

I am right now feeling a bit tired, but I wish to explain something for people who keep preaching for higher equality among people from rich to poor, black to white, all of that jazz…….

“So long as there are any differences, be them obvious or subtle, then there will be room for opposition and fuel for arguing against an opposing view.”

It is a part of humanity’s nature to strive for excellence, in moral character or in social standards. This drive is different for all people, each with different resources and backgrounds. Resulting from innate differences comes a variety of results; a poor man who came to be from economic collapse, or one who was never motivated… a rich man who worked to the top, and the rich who inherited success…… all of these people will argue for their own positions to gain success.

The Founding Fathers themselves were progressive for their time. They did not easily believe in free slaves, due to economic biases. They could not see women in an equal light; we still do not today, to an extent… However, they understood that among society differences in opinion would lead to misrepresentation. This misrepresentation can be created through migration to cities in the early 20th century, desperation for success in the Great Depression, or a lack of common sense as we now have……

The world will never be perfect, and so humanity shall never be equal. This, by the way, is why socialism and communism never work. Until we are either technologically ready or economically prepared for it, we shall maintain our innate differences.


Obama Still Approving Legislation – Even from OVERSEAS

Not only is Obama continuing to sign legislation, including the Patriot Act which will allow for government to interfere further with public life… and he is not even physically signing the document himself. Through the use of an AutoPen, first invented by Thomas Jefferson, he has signed it via an electronic signature. This has set a precedent, as no president has dared try to do what Obama does on a whim. Obama needs to stop signing legislation that does not benefit the American people!

UN Defense of Israel 1967

The current borders of Israel were created by the UN following World War II, as to keep Israel as an independent, defensible country. Do not allow the US government’s naivety and Anti-Americanism to screw up foreign affairs that belong to other nations.

Where Do You Stand Politically?

Are You a conservative, a simple American or a person who aims towards more worldly goals?

Obama Attacks Israel

Obama has finally called for the US to go against Israel. He calls for the lands received during the 1967 Six Day War to be given back to Palestine – before the war, Jewish and Christian graves were desecrated, and members of non-Muslim faith disrespected. Even common sense would dictate that it would go back to this past, as the entire region has vowed to destroy Israel. An article on Yahoo! News tells the account in detail, Obama wants to resolve a land dispute fought since the dawn of time by becoming even further involved. We are going to BEGIN by investing an initial 2 Billion dollars overseas. The Jewish homeland is beginning to be dismantled, and we Americans are continuing to display our ignorance in the face of international and domestic affairs. STOP THE INSANITY!

Issues with Israel

Ever Since WWII, the state of Israel has allowed for the Jewish Homeland to be rebuilt. Also, since that time, the entire Middle East has attacked them and vowed to annihilate the land. Traditionally, the United States has sided with Israel and been their ally. Ever since Obama has come into office, we have entirely ignored their president Netanyahu, and we have consistently supported arrangements on behalf of our enemies. The supporting of those who support un-American values of capitalism and democracy is irrational and unacceptable! Let us support our only ally in the Middle East (if it still is with us after our treatment of them)!


“I will bless those who bless you,
   and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
   will be blessed through you.” Genisis 12:3         

A Fragile Success

Many news sources are indicating that our success overseas could have gone horribly awry, and that it could have gone wrong at many times. The account of the story tells many facts that many already know, including how we kept the foreign government in the dark and how we spontaneously attacked. It is truly surprising, the extent to which our forces improvised… imagine if we had failed.

There are still the questions of whether the Middle Eastern governments will respect our intrusion following this affair. The debate over future terrorist attacks, the implications of Osama bin Laden’s ‘martyrdom’ and the progress to be made in our own country will be explored in the coming years. The information that we have analyzed over the years on Obama bin Laden’s activities and whereabouts will most likely be kept a secret, to protect the public from worrying over the terrorists’ extent of destruction. But let’s not worry about that…… let’s just worry about politics and our own domestic affairs.

RINO Candidates

In the coming election there will be many Democrats who side with the Republican party, in that they agree with Right-wing values. Candidates should be called into question on their backgrounds, not to harass them but to ensure their right-wing nature. Beware of these RINO candidates, who shift their points of view to appeal to the voters; vote for the true conservative candidate in 2012!

Support American Business

As government looms even larger over America, our middle class is being crushed with regulation and taxation. Many small-business owners do not have the money or time to devote towards appeasing the government, nor the resources to head off unions. We need less regulation now, as the times have led many to hopelessness and poverty.

This is my own small business here, if you are interested: CampingMaxx.Com

American Oil – “Drill, Baby, Drill!”

The American oil industry is imperative to our independence economically and diplomatically. It is not a thing of the past; we are still one of the highest consumers in the world. We have come to depend upon foreign entities and monopolies like OPEC pressure us with rising prices. Middle Eastern revolution and disruption has led to stock market issues, as investors watch their risky investments overseas.

The oil rigs we have in our country have given thousands of people jobs, and have aided us in importing less. We invest in our own country, and all money is maintained in the American economy. We need more drilling more than ever, as coastal economies collapse and oil prices rise to challenge an unstable economy. MAKE AMERICAN OIL A PRIORITY.