Monthly Archives: February 2011

Obama’s Progressing of the State of the Union Agenda

In this year’s State of the Union address President Obama called for creating clean-energy initiatives, increases in research and development in industry and telecommunication innovation. He has began his tour around the nation, this week meeting with technological giants like Steve Jobs of Apple, Eric Schmidt of Google and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to discuss the future ofthese companies. (BTW – some say that Obama is working with them to develop a kill switch for the internet – probable or not, believe what you want). He is also boosting his image by being present at the opening of a new Intel manufacturing center, talking of the jobs this gives people. This still does not help the other few MILLION people unemployed…… And with Obama pushing clean initiatives, companies will be pressured to leave by new taxes, controlling legislation and other ‘green’ excuses. But that is for the next post.

President Obama is still campaigning to the American people an unwanted agenda that is wasting money. With his working true to his word, our country is continuing to spiral downward.