The Dream Act Controversy

Last Christmas the Obama administration passed the crippling Obamacare health system, which increased our debts and continuously threatens our future. This holiday season, President Obama and the lame duck Liberal Democrat Congress will push to pass the Dream Act, going against the Fourth Amendment and many others to allow for illegal aliens to gain citizenship. This passing will pressure welfare, creating incentive for many more illegals to invade our country and create further imbalance in our already crumbling nation.

The Dream Act basically proposes to grant young illegal aliens citizenship, so long as they attend college or go into the military… yet look into how the illegal issue is currently handled. The ‘No Child Left Behind’ program displays how a required school attendance is being ignored by the illegal immigrants who come here. Any military attendance is welcome to illegals, I agree with this, but there should be no effort to teach illegals English or tutor them to get into the military – they should have all of the abilities of American soldiers before entering military service.

As for the allowance of pre-teenagers to have citizenship, I disagree with this. If you are born to parents who are illegal, then you should be illegal – regardless of whether or not you are born on this soil. Although there is legislation passed in prior history to protect people against ridicule like my own and to maintain their legal status upon birth, there are currently illegals who are ‘citizens’ and yet are on welfare. Children and teenagers brought across the border will gain citizen status, regardless of education level, class or illegal status.

This Dream Act will be blamed upon the Republicans who will gain Congressional offices in January, upon the failure of this program or on the further degredation of society caused by this legislation. The political mudslinging that will occur may or may not be seen for what it is, most likely not by our current generation.

Hopefully, the Democratic party soon to be out of Congress shall fail, as they should due to their being voted out. There is a reason why they have been voted out – because of failed legislation like this that threatens our nation.


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