Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor

On Martin Luther King Day thousands gathered in DC to rally to Glenn Beck’s conservative message of returning to ‘simple living in your means’ and returning to a religious background. Now, conservative estimates (from the government, of course) downplay the amount of people; even these amounts are staggering, at 76,000 – 98,000 people in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Many other news station, including CBS and ABC, have estimates of 300,000 and 500,000…… I think that many Americans want change – and not the Obama kind of change……

At the first African-American high school near DC, many gathered to specifically honor Martin Luther King Jr. This group also was celebrating equality and civil rights. However, many prominent members and speakers of the congregation put down Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor program, saying that it ‘warped and disconfigured King’s message, and dishonored his actions’. Then explain why Martin Luther King Jr’s niece was an speaker at Glenn Beck’s program, and often appears on his shows?

Sarah Palin was a keynote speaker at Glenn Beck’s program, having the honor of giving the Restoring Honor awards to three American war veterans. She came as a non-politician, and was very proud to give these awards to the veterans. Although some would argue that ‘Palin power’ was dictating her political agenda and forcing her to come to the event, I heavily disagree with them – it would be utterly disgraceful to do so. I support Sarah Palin’s having done this, and believe that she shows a strong will to be a part of the American grass-roots movement.

This event is a MAJOR event; it brought hope to millions of Americans, and to the thousands that attended from across the country and the world. Politicians will see this as a threat to their power base, and will continue to demonize Glenn Beck and his many grass-roots followers. Many liberals will hopefully get the picture that something is happening, investigate, and find the truth. This is something to go down in the history books, as leading to a new chapter in this decade……


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  1. The media's coverage of conservative politics is biased that I believe that they are the ones who are lying more than the conservative media.

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