Some people need welfare, others do not. Our tax dollars mainly support the welfare programs, which are run by the government. There are all types of government programs for seniors, special needs people, handicapped people, illegals…… there are so many programs. I support a few of these programs, and I disagree with others.

Seniors have a reasonable welfare system, dismissing the fact that the government spent all of it. The seniors and people give tax money to a pool of money which is held until they reach a certain age, when they can draw on the money and use it for medical expenses. If the government didn’t waste the seniors’ money, then it would be viable. Fortunately, there are private companies willing to fund people.

Special needs people are supported by taxpayers. People born with disabilities in mental cognition, mobility or other problems can get help. School districts have departments that allow for special needs people to get a reasonable education. The provision of moral and educational support from the government is comforting. Yet again, there are private companies willing to do the same.

I do NOT support illegal alien support; or as the government wants to call them, ‘immigrant workers’. They are now over 10% of the population here, at 30 million and counting. The argument that they buy products and contribute to this economic cycle does not work, because they do not work as much as the educated, native-born US citizen to create a large business. To support these people with taxpayer money is wrong, because they do not use this money to give back to our economy.

There are so many forms of welfare; many of these help people, and many simply support racially biased groups. (ACORN, Black Panthers, the Santa Ana illegal haven……) To get a return on these investments would be good. We need to get more responsible people to get welfare unfortunately, many people who get welfare do not use it for their self-benefit.


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  1. There's always the pros and cons to every issue. The same goes to welfare programs.

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