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100th Day of BP Oil Crisis

Today, 100 days ago, the cap to an oil well suddenly broke in the Gulf of Mexico. This oil pipe spilled the equivalent of an Exxon Valdez oil spill every FIVE DAYS. Everyone is pointing fingers all over the place, without facts. Let’s find them……

Washing up on the southern coasts of the United States, the oil caused great damage to rural and major economies. Many of these areas depend on fishing and the water, many as a way of life. Not only can oil-laden waters not be traversed, but no fishing can be done. Fisherman do not have jobs, and so money is not flowing as it normally does. Even after this oil is cleaned up, people will make a fuss over the toxins that the fish might have. Thus these economies are going to stay down for a while.

BP – British Petroleum, the company whose pipeline burst. They pump thousands of gallons out of the wells they own, make much money which they re-circulate into the economy, and hire thousands of people who will receive this money. Currently, BP is taking the responsibility for the spill and is heading clean-up efforts along the coast. I see commercials for it all of the time, I have seen clips of BP cleanups all over. This is while they are handling thousands of claims and lawsuits for the oil spill and the damage it has inflicted. They will be paying off these people, and re-shape their company after they are done with this.

The government seems to be telling everyone that ‘they are doing everything they can do’ and that they are taking control of this problem. The only evidence I have seen involving the oil spill is a photo-shoot with Obama on his knee next to a ball of tar on the beach. Other than this, I hear stories of how the government is forcing BP to pay all varieties of taxes, fines, dues… you name it, to get all the money they can get from BP. Plus, they are going to tax Americans for BP’s cleanup efforts even though it is a private company, and we are probably going to see a bailout of this company. I do not see the government as facilitating cleanup efforts.

Of course, I believe in private enterprise, fewer taxes and less government involvement… will others agree with me?


Different Times, Different Principles

Sorry I haven’t been posting much… I am going into Junior year at high school and am taking AP US History, and I am doing summer work. One assignment involves reading the book What Hath God Wrought. In this, I have found that internal improvements were a HUGE debate in the past. In early America when there were no roads, not as many methods of transportation, and a small market, there was bartering and communal economies. The debates arose when canals and rivers began to be dredges, and highways build across the mountains. These small economies both exploded and were crushed because of this, as cheaper goods from farther distances came into their communities.

For the people living in these times, internal improvements altered their lives for better and for worse. This controversy continued for many presidencies, being debated and argued in congress. In our time, this issue seems to be relatively trivial compared to the impressive results it brought afterwords. There are many issues like it today: immigration, stem cell research, international affairs, terrorism… in the future, they might be seen the same. What issues might always be debated, and what issues are better only one way?


Some people need welfare, others do not. Our tax dollars mainly support the welfare programs, which are run by the government. There are all types of government programs for seniors, special needs people, handicapped people, illegals…… there are so many programs. I support a few of these programs, and I disagree with others.

Seniors have a reasonable welfare system, dismissing the fact that the government spent all of it. The seniors and people give tax money to a pool of money which is held until they reach a certain age, when they can draw on the money and use it for medical expenses. If the government didn’t waste the seniors’ money, then it would be viable. Fortunately, there are private companies willing to fund people.

Special needs people are supported by taxpayers. People born with disabilities in mental cognition, mobility or other problems can get help. School districts have departments that allow for special needs people to get a reasonable education. The provision of moral and educational support from the government is comforting. Yet again, there are private companies willing to do the same.

I do NOT support illegal alien support; or as the government wants to call them, ‘immigrant workers’. They are now over 10% of the population here, at 30 million and counting. The argument that they buy products and contribute to this economic cycle does not work, because they do not work as much as the educated, native-born US citizen to create a large business. To support these people with taxpayer money is wrong, because they do not use this money to give back to our economy.

There are so many forms of welfare; many of these help people, and many simply support racially biased groups. (ACORN, Black Panthers, the Santa Ana illegal haven……) To get a return on these investments would be good. We need to get more responsible people to get welfare unfortunately, many people who get welfare do not use it for their self-benefit.


My parents’ families came to America legally; my mother’s side coming in the beginning and colonizing the Western frontier, my father’s side coming through Ellis Island during Russia’s purge of the Jews. They are American citizens, and are recognized as such. The newest issue is with the Mexicans coming across the borders, bringing drugs, crime, and breeding-age people. They are illegal, come here due to the benefits they recieve, and do not contribute to the economy. These illegals are, in fact, being supported by the government due to their large numbers. We could just as easily have illegal Indian people; yet they are educated, and value hard work and the rewards that it reaps. They would contribute to our economy. So why be so benevolent upon the Mexican population and the lack of benefits they bring?

Currently Arizona is having a problem with illegal immigrants, drug traffiking and crime. To solve this, they have created a law that has illegals that are involved with the police ‘investigated’ to see if they are legal. In a recent internet poll, 95.9% of all people to be involved with it AGREE with Arizona’s law. The government doesn’t agree, and is SUING the state for enforcing a law already in place on a federal level. They have also begun prosecuting Arizona and slandering it’s name, placing warnings about how DANGEROUS and VIOLENT it is. Maybe if the federal government stayed away from the state, it wouldn’t be as dangerous……

Immigrants have contributed to our society in the past, as we have become a melting pot of different cultures. They continue to do so, and can also help as globalization spreads even more. Yet we need to maintain our security and border control to protect our economy from those not willing to help us.


As I said before, government needs to stay limited and allow private industry to produce capital. However, taxes on these profits and on all other ranges of things exist. This money goes to the government, which is responsible for sending it to the specific sectors requiring funds. There are currently over 300 million people in the United States; if 10% of the population were to not pay their taxes, and taxes were only $1 annually, the government would recieve $270 million, 1/4 of one billion. We currently have $13 TRILLION debt – I doubt that we would be able to tax our way out of this. If we get a new, more responsible government to move funds to economically stimulating industries that can increase profits.

Taxes themselves should be limited; there needs to be a fixed, reasonable rate at which we can be taxed. The rich do not need to be taxed more, because the extra money they make always goes back into either their business or into other places like food, employees, or other supplies. The poor should not be taxed less, due to their lacking money. We need to influence them to do better, yet let them take the initiative to get to a higher position. The government needs to use common sense (a rarity in Washington these days…) and allow people to make a profit so they can tax them as they rightly should.

Government: What is its Job?

Government functions to serve as a defender of the country from foreign threats and invaders, along with economic and pandemic troubles. Government also serves to regulate the flow of taxpayer money to needed infastructure like transportation, education and energy. Finally, government needs to work out diplomatic relationships and contacts with other countries. All of these factors depend on each other to support a strong economy, and the government should seek to do the job of working all of these factors into positive outcomes.

The size of the government also influences how it works. The Declaration of Independence was written as a statement of our independence from England, and it was followed up by the Bill of Rights. Government was originally very small, which is why they had to give it more rights; yet it reflected America at the time, small and ready to grow. As America developed and technology influenced its growth, the government grew larger to accomodate these new functions as America grew to be the largest economy in the world. Currently, the government is at large and has become a titan as it continues to explode. We have many ‘departments’ and sectors that could be much more efficiently run by the private sector, and many of these departments are simply a drain of taxpayer money. With the coming of a new election in November 2010, we need to find people who are responsible and knowledgable enough to shrink government back to its former size.

Here’s a Start……

I will introduce myself…… I am Ryan from Southern California, and I am hearing many things from all over the place. My liberal classmates at school are ignorant of everything around them, and have no opinions themselves. The few that do cannot factually support their arguments. I hear all over the news that either the recession is over and everything is ‘happy and just swell :)’ or that the economy is still going down and it is going to fall before it rises again. I support the latter fact.

I will now begin to lay down groundwork for everything that will come later; this week and next week I will divulge my opinions on ALL of the issues. To my first, early readers: I suggest that you stick with this blog for at least a week, and mull over the points I will bring up.